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Herbort Static Steam Peeler

Herbort Static Steam Peeler

The Herbort Static Steam Peeler is the ideal solution for peeling large amounts of product like potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnip, celeriac, salsify, butternut, etc...

This steam peeler is truly unique in its field. The HSSP has a static, and thus stationary, cast steel pressure vessel. This has multiple advantages like high dry matter content of peel waste, low maintenance, easy to clean and higher durability.
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Herbort Static Steam Peeler

Herbort Static Steam Peeler

The product in the vessel is continuously in motion thanks to the specially designed agitator arm. Condensate is removed through a grid at the bottom of the pressure vessel. Each product item gets the right steam treatment as a result of this unique design.

The Herbort Static Steam Peelers ensure the absolute minimum steam exposure time for products resulting in higher usable product yield. The HSSP proces can go as high as 20 bar.

  • Minimal steam exposure
  • High dry matter content of the peel waste
  • Low maintenance & easy to clean
  • Longer machine lifespan
  • High filling level

Pro tip

The Herbort Inclining Brush Belt is best placed after the HSSP for the optimal brushing of steam peeler product
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HSSP Tecnical Data

HSSP Tecnical Data