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Tummers Potato Flakes Lines
Potato Flakes Lines
Potato flakes lines are a Tummers Specialty. Destoning, washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing, drying, granulating and packaging, all effortlessly performed.

Tummers French Fries Line
French Fries Line
Tummers Food Processing Solutions has built up extensive knowledge of potatoes as a raw material and the best methods for processing them.
Tummers Flake line Powder Mills Unit
Flake line Powder Mills Unit
Tummers is a world market leader in potato flake lines. Tummers Flake line Powder Mills Unit is ATEX certified and is very compact.
Tummers Flake line Lobe Pump
Flake line Lobe Pump
The Tummers Flake line Lobe Pump is ideally suited to quietly moving delicate fluid masses with high viscosity (e.g. mashed potatoes). Tummers is a world market leader in potato flake lines.
Tummers Bag filling machine ZV-5-25
Bag filling machine ZV-5-25
The Tummers bag filling machine packs potato flakes and powder into bags up to 25 kg. The machine features dust-free operation and is fully adjustable to meet your specifications.
Tummers Vellenbak
The Tummers industrial, stainless steel floating parts remover separates potatoes and tubers from floating waste and dirt. It can also be set up as a rinsing machine.
Tummers Drum polisher
Drum polisher
This industrial, stainless steel Tummers machine polishes and cleans potatoes and tubers (e.g. carrots) carefully without damaging them. This is in part thanks to the innovative drum.
Tummers Destoner/Washer unit agro
Destoner/Washer unit agro
This stainless steel machine combination for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers was developed for 24/7 industrial use. Optionally the machine can be set up to separate floating parts (foliage and stalks) from your product.
Tummers Pintle belt
Pintle belt
The Tummers pintle belt consists of a belt with special studs which separate the foliage from the potatoes and tubers. The foliage is then carried upwards for disposal by the belt and the potatoes and tubers roll down to the bottom.
Tummers Washing Line Dewatering Drum
Washing Line Dewatering Drum
Tummers Washing Line Dewatering Drum is low-maintenance, stainless steel drum and is designed to separate food products and water. The Dewatering drum can also be used for general cleaning of rinse water.


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