Tummers E²E Condenser

Tummers E²E-Condenser

Tummers E²E-Condenser

Steam peeling is the most efficient way to peel potatoes, but the emission causes loss of energy, a smelly steam cloud above the factory, and lots of noise.

The E²E-Condenser saves energy by condensing the emission and using the water for other purposes that take place further in the process. Because hereby the condensed steam stays within the system, the peeling process does not produce any emission.

Cost savings

This innovative Tummers condenser distinguishes itself from previous models through its cost-saving design and compact size. The saving of costs depends on your peeling line’s running time, the use of the excess water, and your original energy consumption. The E²E-Condenser fits every steam peeling line and earns itself back in one to four years.

The design of the E2E condenser ensures a lower back-pressure than conventional exhaust systems and will have a positive effect on the peeling process.

  • Minimalizes loss of energy
  • Excludes smell, noise, and visual nuisance
  • Fits to every steam peeling line
  • The payback time of 1 - 4 years
(Click picture to watch video)Tummers E²E-Condenser contributes 0% emission and minimal loss of energy

Tummers E²E-Condenser contributes 0% emission and minimal loss of energy