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11 mm Skin on French Fries
With the skin left on for extra flavour and rustic appeal, these frites are made from uber long, high quality potatoes. Potato skin is not only a rich source of fibre
Straight Cut 9x9mm French Fries
These boast real potato flavour, wholesome bite and are extra long and chunky, guaranteeing umpteen customer satisfaction. Moreover, with irresistible flavour, these fries also offer greater plate coverage bringing.
Straight Cut 6x6mm French Fries
Living upto the expectations that encompass this segment, they bring in a new touch to this variety of fries. IBF premium high solid fries not only guarantee crispiness and good holding times
Everlast Fries - The Coated Solution
Truthful to its name, these fries have exceptionally extended holding time that ensures long-lasting crispiness, while locking in great potato flavour.
Fiery Fries - Masala Coated Fries
Fries may be western, but IBF revamps them with secret spices from a mother's kitchen, to present to you, their very Indian, masaaledar, "Fiery Fries". Enjoy their crunchy and mealy fries with a unique
Tomfrost Coated fries 9x9
Coated fries 9x9
Tomfrost offers Coated fries 9x9
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Tomfrost Straight cut fries 9x9
Straight cut fries 9x9
Tomfrost offers Straight cut fries 9x9
Tomfrost Crinkle cut fries
Crinkle cut fries
Tomfrost offers Crinkle cut fries
Tomfrost Salt and Pepper Fries
Salt and Pepper Fries
Tomfrost offers Salt and Pepper Fries
Tomfrost Coated fries 7x7
Coated fries 7x7
Tomfrost offers Coated fries 7x7


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