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Goodrich Cereals, Potato Flour (Granular and Fine Flour)
Potato Flour (Granular and Fine Flour)
Put simply, potato flour is cooked, dried, ground potatoes with no additives. Yet, while potato flour may look like finely ground potato flakes, the two products are very different.
Native Potato Starch
Native Potato Starch
Emsland Group - Empure® ES 300
Empure® ES 300
Empure® ES 300 is a clean label starch, an excellent gelling agent, and texturizer, mainly used for the confectionery industry.
Emden® ET 50
Emden® ET 50 is an excellent gelling and texturizing starch developed by Emsland Group, mainly used in the confectionery industry. In comparison with 'traditional' starches, Emden® ET 50 is not just a gelling starch, it also yields elasticity.
Emsland Group - EMPRO® E86 F30
EMPRO® E86 F30
The EMPRO® range of Emsland Group stands for high nutritional, non-allergenic & non-GMO pea protein isolates as valuable ingredient for the food industry.


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