Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Maine

Cold River Vodka

Cold River is a producer of handcrafted Maine potato vodka and spirits.

Daniel J. Corey Farms

Daniel J. Corey Farms grow 880 acres of high-quality, high-yielding seed potatoes. This is in addition to Seed Pro acres. Seed Pro Inc. is located in Maine state of the USA.

Green Thumb Farms

Green Thumb Farms has been farming in Western Maine since 1965. Working on over 2200 acres of rich Saco River Valley soil has firmly established their reputation for quality potatoes, turf, dry beans and corn.

Irving Farms Marketing Inc.

Irving Farms Marketing is a vertically-integrated grower and dealer of Seed, Table and Processing potatoes and grain in Maine.

Maine Farmers Exchange

Maine Farmers Exchange has provided full service sourcing for tablestock, seed and processing potatoes for over 50 years

Maine Potato Board

The Maine Potato Board was created in 1986 by an act of the Maine Legislature for the purpose of establishing a cohesive framework for effective leadership within the potato industry.

McCain Foods USA - Easton

McCain Foods USA acquired the Easton, Maine plant in 1976. It is one of the largest frozen potato operations on the east coast.

Northern Girl

Northern Girl (Maine) offers beets, potatoes, carrots and vegetable medleys, including some partially processed products. Northern Girl also offers Organic French Fries

Penobscot McCrum LLC

Penobscot McCrum LLC was formed in 2004 when the McCrum family purchased the assets of Penobscot Frozen Foods, breathing new life into an established processing business.

Penobscot McCrum LLC - Belfast

Penobscot McCrum's potato processing facility in Belfast, Maine, United States. Unfortunately this facility was destroyed by fire in March 2022

Penobscot McCrum LLC - Washburn

Penobscot McCrum's potato processing facility in Washburn, Maine, United States. This french fry plant was built by Kiremko and Idaho Steel and started production in 2020.

Pineland Farms Potato Company

The Pineland Farms Potato Company (formerly known as Naturally Potatoes) is a manufacturer of refrigerated pasteurized cut and mashed potato products in Maine.

Smith's Farm

Smith's Farm is a grower of broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes on the east coast in Maine, established in 1859.

University of Maine (Cooperative Extension Potato program)

Maine University Cooperative Extension Potato program. The Potato Program team at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides information on potato and rotation crop production.

Vintage Maine Kitchen

Vintage Maine Kitchen is a potato chip manufacturer from Freeport, Maine. Vintage Maine Kitchen founders Kelly and Scott Brodeur set out to bring back a nostalgic flavor from their past, old-fashioned small batch potato chips.

Western Polymer Corporation - Fort Fairfield

Western Polymer Corporation potato starch production facility in Fort Fairfield, Maine


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