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Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks

Mexican Corn Products is a Canadian company producing tortilla chips branded "Los Cantores". The company is operated by an emigrated Mexican family, making it their passion to bring the taste of authentic Mexican cuisine to our new home.
Middleswarth Ira & Son is a small potato chips manufacturer in Pennsylvania.
Mike Sell's Potato chip company is a US chips manufacturer with production facilities in Dayton and Indianapolis. Mike Sell's Potato Chips fry their chips in peanut oil.
The modern Flour Mill & Macaroni Factories Co. (MFM) is a vertically integrated company operating a wheat flour mill, a snack pellets plant, a dry pasta plant, a bakery ingredients blending plant and a fried/direct expanded snacks plant. MFM is based in Amman, Jordan
Mozaics offers crispy veggie chips loaded with tasty peas as the #1 ingredient.
Mr. Kachaloo Potato Chips is a brand by Barna Production in Afghanistan.
Mrs Fisher Potato Chips is a small family owned company manufacturing potato chips in Rockford, Illinois
MTR Foods is an Indian Food Processor offering consumers in India and beyond authentic Indian Vegetarian meals and dishes, including a range of authentic savory snacks.
Naik Foods is an Indian manufacturer of potato chips and banana chips.
Nanaji Namkeen, established in the year 1975, is a traditional namkeen and sweets producing company in India catering to the masses largely in Delhi, Rajasthan and even South India.