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ITC Limited

ITC Limited is an Indian telecommunications giant and cigarette manufacturer diversifying in the Consumer Packaged Goods market, including the snack foods sector with its brand "Bingo!".

Bingo was launched in 2007 and managed to capture an 11% market share of the Indian snack market within 6 months of its launch.

Bingo now has 4 sub brands: Bingo! Yumitos (potato chips), Bingo! Mad Angles (variations on the tortilla chip), Bingo! Tedhe Medhe (a spindle shaped format) and Bingo! Tangles ( a 3D style snack)

ITC is also the parent company of Technico Agri Sciences, a global producer of minitubers.

ITC produces frozen potato products, french fries as well as potato specialties, branded ITC Master Chef

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