Manufacturers of French Fries and Potato Specialties in Africa

Cros Agro Allied Ltd (BlackPace)

Cros Agro Allied Ltd "Cros Agro" is a diversified agribusiness company headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. The company is creating value chain for potatoes, including processing potatoes into French Fries and Potato Flakes.

Dalsa Food

Dalsa Food Industries is one of the leading companies in the field of potato cultivation and manufacture in the Egyptian market. Dalsa Frozen Half Fries are manufactured under the latest potato processing technology using the best types of Diamond and Santana potatoes from Dalsa farms.

Dangi Foods

Dangi Foods is a french fry manufacturer in Nigeria. For decades the entire region of west Africa and beyond, including Nigeria has consumed French fries/potato chips in one form or another as part of their diet.

Farm Frites-Egypt (The International Company for Agricultural Development)

Farm Frites- Egypt is one of many Farm Frites (French Fry) plants all over the world, and is involved in a major potato farming operation; the biggest of its kind in the Middle East.

FrancoEgypt for food Products

FrancoEgypt is a family-owned business that has been providing its customers with delicious fries that are made from the finest quality potatoes. Their range of fries products includes Allumette Fries,Standard French Fries (9mm), Steak Fries (10mm).

Frozena Foods

The Egyptian company Al Badr For Investments "FROZENA" is a manufacturer of frozen foods, including frozen potato products.

Fun Fries

FunFries is a manufacturer of Frozen French Fries located in Morocco

Golden Fields

Golden fields is brand of International Foods and Consumable Goods (IFCG). Under this brand they offer various 7 x 7 Allumettes and 10 x 10 Pommes Frites.

International Food and Consumable Goods - Egypt (IFCG)

International Food & Consumable Goods (IFCG), a proud member of the IFS Group, operates in Egypt's CPC Industrial Zone. Renowned for its modern sweet potato factory, IFCG excels in producing top-quality sweet potato varieties, earning its reputation as a leading export company in the region and globally.

Lamberts Bay Foods

Lamberts Bay Foods is a french fries manufacturer in South Africa

McCain Foods SA (Pty) Ltd

McCain Foods South Africa

McCain Foods SA (Pty) Ltd - Delmas

McCain Foods - Delmas plant in South Africa

McCain Foods SA (Pty) Ltd - George

McCain Foods - George plant in South Africa

McCain Foods SA (Pty) Ltd - Springs

McCain Foods - Springs plant in South Africa

Nature's Garden Pty (Ltd)

Nature's Garden Pty (Ltd), formerly known as Nature's Choice Products, is a french fry manufacturer in South Africa.

New Holland Chips Ltd.

New Holland Chips Ltd. is a producer of freshcut and pre-fried potato products located in Kenya, in the state Laikipia.

Sano Foods

Sano Foods Limited is an indigenous Nigerian brand that processes, packages, and distributes 100% organic foods and beverages sourced from smallholder organic farmers from rural communities in Nigeria.

Santana French Fries

Santana French Fries, specializes in producing French fries in various packages with artificial additives and flavors. Their Semi-fried potatoes, frozen quickly and made from the best quality potatoes, have a deep, crunchy, and delicious flavor and do not absorb frying oil.


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