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Potatoes for Processing

Potatoes for Processing

Gansu Ailan Potato Seed Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in potato breeding, virus-free plantlets, seed production, and industrial development.
Gansu Tianrun Potato Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries Potential Opportunities for Potato Industry’s Development in China Based on Selected Companies 26 of Gansu Yasheng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.
Gold Dust Potato Processors Inc. is a family-owned company,  combining commercial potato growing, packing and marketing business
Golden-Geest-Kartoffeln is a German potato company
Green Thumb Farms has been farming in Western Maine since 1965. Working on over 2200 acres of rich Saco River Valley soil has firmly established their reputation for quality potatoes, turf, dry beans and corn.
Guyuan Hejian Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. has 3.3 ha of net house and 6m ha of potato field. It can produce 12.5m minitubers, 3,000 t of basic seeds, 4,500 t of certified seeds, and 10,000 t of fresh potato annually.
Guyuan Zhongfeng Agriculture Co., Ltd. has 3,800 m2 of intelligent greenhouse, 800 m2 of constant-temperature storage space and ordinary storage space with a capacity of 15,000 t.
Naturally home grown Foods is a Canadian manufacturer of kettle style Potato Chips, using brand name "Hardbite Potato Chips".
Heartland Farms is a fifth generation irrigated Potato & Vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin covering 15.000 acres.
Heartland Potato Chips is a Potato chip manufacturer in New Zealand.