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Potatoes for Processing

Potatoes for Processing

Hebei Jiuen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has 480 m2 of tissue culture room and 18.3 ha of greenhouse and net house for minituber production. The facility can produce 30m minitubers annually.
The company Hermann Sagstetter is an international trader of potatoes, processed potatoes and onions with its own modern and powerful processing and packing stations right in the heart of Lower Bavaria.
Hongji Agriculture is a Chinese company specialized in the multiplication of seed potatoes and the production of potato flakes.
Hoverson Farms is a multi-generational farming operation specializing in raising premium processing, chipping and table stock potatoes
Agricultural and sideline food processing industry.
Hubei Wuling Mountain Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in potato planting, producing, processing and R&D.
HZPC is a Dutch supplier of seed and ware potatoes. HZPC is the largest seed potato supplier worldwide. 
Iberian Potatoes; With more than half a century of experience, it enjoys a well-deserved prestige thanks to its way of understanding the market and anticipating its demands. The philosophy of Iberian Potatoes is based on the direct and exhaustive control of the quality of the potato.
Inan-Meijer is a supplier of seed potatoes in Turkey.
The Inner Mongolia Grade Seed Potato Co., Ltd. is a Chinese supplier of seed and table potatoes.