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Potatoes for Processing

Potatoes for Processing

Nene Potatoes Limited is a farmer controlled business in the United Kingdom that was set up to market potatoes on behalf of its members.
Nuestra Señora de Ocon Sociedad Cooperativa is a Potato Producer from Spain
Gemfresh is a potato producer from the Russian Federation targeting the Russian table and chips market.
P J Lee and Sons - Highflyer Farms, are one of the largest individual potato producers in the UK, serving chip shops predominately.
Patatas Beltrán specializes in the all-year-round production, confection, and commercialization of potato.
En Patatas Meléndez trabajamos para llevar a tu mesa las mejores patatas, aquellas que podemos asegurar su origen, donde nacen y cómo han crecido.
Through the Potato Industry Co-operation Group, the entire industry can centrally improve its potential, sales and marketing of potatoes and potato products, and ensure the development of industry research, advice and training.
Our main product is ware potato from Finland and other European countries. Packaging possibilities range from consumer packages to bulk deliveries. In addition, we supply frozen, dried, raw peeled and pre-cooked potato products as well as potato chips in cooperation with our partners.
Pestova is a vertically integrated potato processing company in Kosovo, with activities ranging from seed potato production to the production of potato chips.
The Keogh Family is farming the lands of North County Dublin for the past 200 years. They grow and pack potatoes and also started manufacturing potato chips (crisps) in 2011