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Kroeker Farms Limited

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Kroeker Farms is one Canada's organic potato production industry, specializing in the production of a diverse range of high-quality products, including organic potatoes, onions, hemp, and more. The farm stretches from south of Winkler to west of Carman. The farm grows listed crops on approximately 5000 acres of which fifty percent are irrigated. They are growing premium& potatoes that cater to both table potato and creamer potato (C size) markets.

These potatoes are nurtured with care to ensure exceptional taste, texture, and nutrition. The company sells potatoes to French fry manufacturer McCain Foods and Potato Chips manufacturer Old Dutch Foods. In addition, Kroeker Farms sells seed potatoes and&; branded packed potato products in the United States  and Canada.

The brands are,

Adora: It's products are low in calories and low in carbs, providing a guilt-free indulgence for those looking for wholesome options without compromising on flavor.

Poplar Grove: Under this brand, they offer a wide variety of organic potato produce, ensuring that customers have access to fresh, organic choices that meet their culinary needs.

Seed Potatoes: They provide high-quality seed potatoes to support other farms' endeavors, fostering sustainable agriculture and promoting the growth of the organic farming community

News for this Company

(L-R) Wayne Rempel CEO and President of Kroeker Farms, Winkler Mayor Henry Siemens, Kroeker's Executive Assistant Liana Fehr, and Kroeker's Chief Financial Officer Tyson Kamminga
October 19, 2023

New, larger Kroeker Farms Potato Store offers much more than potatoes

Last month, Kroeker Farms celebrated the new location of The Potato Store at 715 Circle K Drive, Winkler Manitoba, with an official ribbion cutting. According to Liana Fehr, Executive Assistant at Kroeker's, the new location gives them four times the space compared to the former location on Circle K Drive.