Potato Suppliers in Germany


ALL in ONE is growing wheat, carrots, onions and potatoes in a healthy crop rotation. They are also supplier of seed potatoes and manufacturer of various potato farming equipments.

An-Ja Lüneburger Heide Kartoffeln

An-Ja Lüneburger Heide Kartoffeln offers table potatoes through their website.


BASF is the world's leading chemical company. Specific for the potato industry BASF is a provider of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. BASF is developing GM potato varieties, e.g. for the potato starch industry. BASF is also a manufacturer of various food ingredients. 

Bavaria-Saat GbR

Bavaria-Saat includes two independent divisions, which deal with the breeding of potato varieties (Bavaria-Saat GbR) as well as with the international distribution of plant and table potatoes (Bavaria-Saat Vertriebs GmbH).

Benu Development GmbH

Benu development is a supplier of potatoes. Currently they can provide (Lady Rosetta, Hermes, Santana, Spunta) starting February.

Bio Kartoffel Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Bio Kartoffel Nord is represented by experts in certified organic farming for now about more than 20 years. Their corporate Farmers are settled in the German counties Niedersachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt


Böhmer is a leading German potato packer with five potato packaging plants throughout Germany

Dr. K.-H. Niehoff

Saatzucht Dr. K.-H. Niehoff is a formerly state owned breeding station in Germany that has developed several starch potato varieties.

EMS Agrar GbR

EMS Agrar GbR have been cultivating intensive crops here four generations, with around 180 hectares under cultivation. For many years, the company has specialized in the cultivation of special crops

Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH

Germany based Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH is a leading company in plant breeding.

Fangmeier Potato Supply - Germany

As Europe's largest supplier of potatoes for the production of potato chips (crisps) Fangmeier guarantees the delivery of high-quality products to their customers.


Friweika is a company in Germany, that is specialized in storing, conditioning, merchandising table potatoes and processing them to fresh products.

Golden-Geest-Kartoffeln Erzeugergesellschaft mbH

Golden-Geest-Kartoffeln is a German potato company

HZPC Germany GmbH

HZPC Germany GmbH is a location of HZPC

Interseed Potatoes GmbH

Interseed Potatoes GmbH is a breeder and supplier of seed potatoes located in Germany. Since more than 30 years Interseed experience with varieties especially for the processing industry.

Johann Koch eK

The company Johann Koch eK is managed by Robert Koch in the fourth generation. The focus of the Neuburg-based company is the processing and packaging, import and export as well as the wholesale of potatoes, onions and dates from all over the world.

Kartoffel Kuhn GmbH

Kartoffel-Kuhn GmbH is a potato packer in Germany.

Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH

Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH KCB was registered in October 1998 in the Register Court of Augsburg.


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