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Potatoes are the 4th most important food crop in the world - after corn, rice, and wheat. As demand for food grows with the increasing world population, the role of potatoes will only become more important, since potatoes as a crop have distinct advantages over crops such as corn, rice, and grains.

Although in many developed countries the consumption of potatoes decreases slightly, this is more than compensated by the growing consumption in developing countries.

China and India should be mentioned here in particular. Not only are China and India the #1 and #2 most populous countries in the world, but they are also the world's #1 and #2 producers of potatoes (and consumers - as a country, not per capita) and potato production is rapidly growing in both countries.

Potato Varieties and Seed

In the section, we cover everything that is involved in Potato Varieties and Seed.
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Table Potatoes

Table potatoes include all potatoes intended for preparation at home and can be offered both packed and unpacked.
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Potatoes for Processing

Not all potatoes are suitable for processing, a fact that is may be overlooked in the planning of processing ventures. Here we highlight the most important properties.
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