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Turnkey lines for Extruded Snacks

Turnkey lines for Extruded Snacks

Heat and Control is an international manufacturer of equipment with over sixty-five years’ experience and expertise in the potato processing industry.
Flo-Mech Ltd provide a complete range of SYSTEMS (Equipment), SERVICES (Project Management) and SOLUTIONS (Engineering) to the Food Processing Industry. We have a base of highly skilled engineers in Projects, Design, Service, Spares, H+S, Controls, Energy+Sustainability + Technical Innovation.
Incalfer SRL is a manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment in Argentina.  Among its products are: potato chips line (batch and continuous), snack frying lines, cutting equipment and fryers.
Kuipers Food Processing Machinery manufactures Potato chips lines, french fries line, snack fryers, nut frying lines, fryers for pellet snacks, pork rinds, vacuum frying
Lalesse Extrusion manufactures extruders and complete lines for the production of direct expanded snacks
Maddox Metal Works Inc. is a precision machining, gear cutting and sheet metal fabrication company located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
N.P & Company is a Japanese manufacturer of Snack Processing equipment, including a Shrimp Cracker production line, single screw extruders and processing machinery for coated nuts.
The Pavan Group is an Italian company with global reach, manufacturing processing equipment for the food Industry. The Pavan Group sells extrusion systems for snacks, pellets and direct expanded snacks,cereals and pasta and stackable potato chips lines.
Reading Bakery Systems is a leading manufacturer of high volume processing equipment for baked producs
Rosenqvists Food Technologies is a Swedish company offering complete solutions - from process design to manufacturing and installation - for processing lines for potato chips, french fries, snacks and other potato products.
Schaaf Technologie GmbH is a food extrusion specialist.
Tsung Hsing Food Machinery (總興實業股份有限公司/椿揚食品機械有限公司) is a food processing equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, focused on fryers, dryers and snack production lines.