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Bühler AG Sortex A

Sortex A

The ultimate sorting solution for processors with difficult sorting requirements. Breaking the mould - featuring Bühler's most sophisticated and versatile sorting capabilities, the innovative SORTEX A range is the first choice for processors with the most challenging sorting applications.
Showcasing Bühler innovation with new advanced inspection and lighting systems, this state-of-the-art technology has a superior detection of subtle colours and foreign material.

The SORTEX A range delivers an extraordinary performance for difficult applications such as reducing toxins from Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Coffee and other commodities as well as providing the finest quality end product to increase profitability.

This SORTEX A range has been designed to meet the highly demanding standards of food safety and quality, and for non-food industries, to deliver maximum product purity for best value.

The SORTEX A range benefits
Empowering sorting performance
Ensuring consistent operation
Optimising productivity, lowering cost of ownership

Designed to suit all capacity requirements, the SORTEX A range is available from one to five modules in three frames sizes.