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BluePrint Automation Cubemaster 200

BluePrint Automation Cubemaster 200

Vertical Casepacking with Integrated Case Erector for Bags of Frozen Potatoes and Other Foods.

The BPA Cubemaster 200 is a gravity case packer for high-speed vertical packing of flexible bags; Ideal for bags of frozen foods such as potato products and other heavier frozen and fragile products! The VP/F is designed for future horizontal packing (BPA Model VHPF).

Benefits of this system include:

  • Increased Capacity
  • Versatile: Handles kraft paper and poly bags with the same efficiency
  • Gentle Product Handling: No fast transfers assures product is evenly distributed throughout bag
Product Specifications
  • Construction: Painted carbon steel or stainless steel available. Varying degrees of wash down if required
  • Safety: Fully guarded and interlocked. Power to customer’s specifications
  • Bag type: Bags and a wide variety of other flexible and rugged packages
  • Speed: Up to 60 bags per minute on patterns with 1 row. Up to 90 bags per minute on patterns with more than 1 row
  • Examples: Frozen potato and other heavier frozen and fragile products, bird seed, grass seed, etc.
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