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DTS - Industrial potato steamers

Screw conveyor steamer with overpressure technique

Screw conveyor steamers with overpressure technique
  • High temperatures possible
  • Steam supply can be accurately adjusted
  • Easily accessible for cleaning
Our screw conveyor steamers for the potato processing industry are characterized by the overpressure technique. This technique ensures that the temperature is uniform throughout the machine. This allows work to be performed at high temperatures. The screw conveyor steamers are also divided into multiple sections, so that you can adjust the steam supply extremely accurately.

The potato steamers with DTS technique provide substantial energy savings compared to conventional steam techniques. Since there are no open connections to the outside, steam losses are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the condensate is completely discharged without pressure loss. The insulation of DTS potato steamers is equipped as standard with a fully-welded stainless steel exterior plating.

The potato steamers are equipped with hatches along their entire length, making them easily accessible for cleaning.