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A Tummers Potato Flakes Line
Potato Flake Lines
Potato flake lines are a Tummers Specialty. Destoning, washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing, drying, flaking, milling and packaging, all effortlessly performed.

Herbort Screw Blancher
Screw Blancher
Herbort Screw Blancher is a robust and worldwide proven system to blanch a wide variety of products. Product is presented inside the drum in a gentle and even fashion.
DTS Potato Blancher
Potato Blanchers
Screw blanchers: our ultimate specialization
Idaho Steel Keyhole Blancher
Keyhole Blancher
The Keyhole Blanchers is a heated system which moves product through at an adjustable rate depending on process needs. The steam system heats the water to a desired temperature for the type of product being processed.
Screw conveyor steamer with overpressure technique
Potato Steamers
Screw conveyor steamers with overpressure technique
Kanchan Metals Potato Blancher- Screw Type
Potato Blancher- Screw Type
The Potato Blancher is answered to preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of potatoes.


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