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DTS - Industrial Potato Blanchers

Screw blanchers: our ultimate specialization
  • 400 – 3000 mm diameter
  • No product damage
  • Low-noise, innovative heater
You can find our tried and tested screw blanchers all over the world at all renowned players in the market. We construct the largest and most accurate potato blanchers in the world. Despite these gigantic dimensions, no product damage results due to our high construction accuracy.

The construction program includes a number of variants. For the French fries industry, a combination of 2 blanching techniques is usually deployed: short-high blanching (short retention time combined with high temperature, in order to kill enzymes in potatoes) and long-low blanchers (long retention time combined with low temperature as cooking process and in order to leach out sugars in the potatoes).

The process of heat transfer is, of course, a determining factor for blanching techniques. DTS has developed its own heat exchanger for the preheating of the blanching water. This heater is characterized by its extremely low-noise and vibration-free operation.