Dutch TecSource B.V. Installs its largest ever potato blanchers at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn!

Largest ever DTS potato blancher being installed at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn
Largest-ever Dutch TecSource Potato Blancher being installed at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn
December 11, 2023
Transport, hoisting, and installation of our largest blanchers to date! The two-stage DTS blanching line at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn includes a Short-high blancher with a diameter of 2.6 meters and a length of 7 meters. The Long-low blancher has an impressive diameter of 3 meters and a huge body of 10 meters long. Not to mention placing the machinery in the factory through the roof, what a spectacle!

Dutch TecSource B.V. is proud to be part of this collaboration, with special thanks to Farm Frites Oudenhoorn, Janvandam TransportB.V., Tuk Kraanverhuur B.V., Kraanverhuur Boekestijn, and Van der Giessen B.V. Without your expert contributions, this would not have been possible. Together, they have made history and set a new standard in the industry.

As if that they aren't enough, they precisely placed these gigantic machines in the factory - all through the roof! It was truly a spectacular display that highlighted the expertise and dedication of our team at every step of the process.

They thanked the Farm Frites Oudehoorn team for working closely with them on this project. Their trust in Dutch TecSource B.V. skills and commitment made this achievement possible.

Dutch TecSource B.V. maintains its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the delivery of high-quality solutions for valued clients. Anticipation builds for future groundbreaking projects as the company looks forward to continued success alongside their collaborators.
(Click picture to watch video) Dutch TecSource B.V., Short-high blancher

Dutch TecSource B.V., Short-high blancher

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