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Elea - SafeJuice

Elea's PEF SafeJuice System is intended for innovative processing of liquids and other pumpables like fruit juices, soup, sauce, milk and many more.

For liquid foods and non-foods the Elea SafeJuice system is available in three versions:

  • SafeJuice 10
  • SafeJuice 100
  • SafeJuice 1100

Artist impression of Elea's SafeJuice System

Elea's SafeJuice System can handle capacities from 50 L to 10.000 L/h for microbial inactivation, subject to load ratio and process requirements. Hygienic integrated design, CIP & SIP ready.

Complete control of process parameters and online monitoring dose to comply with all HACCP requirements.

Its modular design is easy to configure and maintain.