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Flo-Mech Flo-Dry Dryer

The Flo-Dry system is designed to evaporate moisture from extruded snacks and other products. These are typically receiving the product at the inlet at around 9-10% (exit extruder) and outputting the product at 1-2%. Model throughput capacities are 300, 500, and 1000 kg/hour.


Units can be single pass or triple-tiered built-in stainless steel Grade 304 as standard, to offer improved accessibility for cleaning and routine maintenance. Full-length doors are fitted all around the machine, including above and below the feed and discharge sections.

These allow access into both the top and bottom plenum chambers along with the main dryer chamber itself. A range of product spreading and feeding systems are also available, including scarf edge vibratory conveyors, reciprocating rake, and oscillating belt systems. Electric, gas, and thermal oil heating options are available.

The dryer features an industry-standard, digitally controlled burner, integrated circulation fan, door interlock system, user-assisted access panels, and global project and service support from Flo-Mech.

The product is spread evenly across the in-feed belt which enters the product drying chamber. The product belt moves slowly through the drying chamber. Air is heated by an integrated gas burner and forced into the drying chamber.

The air is directed into the drying chamber by a unique split duct system, this evenly distributes the heated air across the full machine width and length to ensure efficient drying of the product with minimal energy consumption.

The warm air is continuously moved through the drying chamber to remove excess of the burner to maintain the setpoint required. Belt speed is controlled via variable frequency drive to ensure the correct residence/drying time is achieved to give the correct exit moisture level.

There are many applications that suit this drying principle.

Flo Dry Features:
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully insulated doors with insulation fully encapsulated in stainless steel panel
  • Full length access doors for cleaning, thermostat/interlocked for safety
  • Optimized flow path designed using 3D simulation software
  • Split duct air plenums
  • Integrated fan set
  • Self-supporting belt design with no internal belt supports in drying chamber
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Automatic lubricating system for belt rollers
  • Explosion relief panels at both ends of dryer for enhanced safety
  • Options to add moisture meter to effect closed-loop moisture control