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FoodeQ W-Flow Pump System

Well-managed water is ideal for the smooth transportation of foodstuffs like potato slices, spinach or kale. As in water potato slices behave differently compared to floating leafy vegetables FoodeQ designs and builds W-Flow Pump Systems, according to our customers specifications and customised for the type of goods that must be transported.

The core components of every FoodeQ W-Flow Pump System are the matching pump for the desired pumping volume, a pump tank, piping, dewatering conveyor(s) or conveyor belts, a buffer tank and a pump that pumps the water – hot or cold – back to the starting point and make it reusable again and again. The control unit makes the important sensor data visible to the operator and this helps him/her to monitor the system and optimise the process.

The FoodeQ W-Flow Pump System can easily span long distances, up to 200 meters. The pumped water and product ‘travel’ in a closed loop piping system, everything in line with the highest food-safety regulations.

FoodeQ modifies the shape of the pump tank to make it suitable to the specific to be transported product. This way they guarantee a direct and smooth flow that is necessary for a homogeneous retention time – every product is treated exactly the same and as long as the other products in this product-flow – and that is of great importance because this leads to a consistent end-product.
  • Capacity: 0-30 ton/hr (depending on the kind of product)
  • Product size: variable, up to 120mm diameter max.
  • Length: 0 - 200 meters
  • Pump: various options
  • Material: RVS 304/316