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Fuji Robotic Palletizing Systems

Fuji’s Robots are designed specifically for the packaging and palletizing markets.

Unlike other robot manufacturers whose systems are designed for every other purpose, with palletizing just an afterthought, Fuji’s Robots are designed specifically for palletizing.

We do not require complex overlay software, a Master Degree in programming or other “tools” to move a case/bag from a conveyor to a pallet.

With Fuji, you can pick from one of 40 onboard recipes, teach the pickup and release points of the first two layers and the robot determines the most efficient movements to build the pallet.

Key Fuji Advantages:

  • Ease of Programming - User-friendly software (no laptops required). Menu-driven color touch screen for data input and pattern selection.
  • Up to 1800 cycles per hour – Utilizing a unique belt-to-ball screw design allows for fast, exact movements to meet the most demanding of applications. As you increase the payload you also increase the speed of the Fuji robot.
  • 75% more energy efficient than major competitors – market-specific design and energy-efficient motors result in the lowest energy usage in the industry.
  • Onboard programming and diagnostics –programming, inventory monitoring, fault history, PM schedule are all accessed from the large touch screen display.
  • High duty cycles – Fuji’s robots are designed for 24/7, 2-3 shift operations.
Product Specifications

EC-201 Specifications include:
• Load capacity 200kg
• Axis: 4
• Cycles per hour: 1800
• Vertical axis: 2300mm
• Longitudinal: 1500mm
• Power consumption: 6.5 Kva
• Robot weight 1150kg

EC-102 Specifications include:
• Load capacity 160kg
• Axis: 4
• Cycles per hour: 1200
• Vertical axis: 2300mm
• Longitudinal: 1500mm
• Power consumption: 3.5 Kva
• Robot weight 700kg