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Ishida CCW RV Open Frame weigher

Open Frame weigher simplifies cleaning

Ishida’s latest IP69K waterproof weigher is now fully open for cleaning.

Product chutes and hoppers are exposed for easy access because electronic components are now housed in a separate waterproof cabinet. The cabinet can be mounted on the weigher frame or remote-located up to 65 feet away.

Open Frame construction is available on all Ishida RV-Series 14-head weighers with 2, 3, 5, and 7 liter hoppers.

Rated for IP69K, IP67, and IP66+ washdown, RV weighers are the industry’s most waterproof and have a sloped self-draining dispersion feeder cover, frame, and optional timing hopper enclosure.

Rapid set-up features include automatic optimization of weigh signal filtration, feeder vibration and timing. A new water-resistant infeed camera option is height-adjustable and positioned outside the product area. Like all RV weighers, the Open Frame weigher can be remote controlled from practically any desktop, portable, or hand-held device.

Diagnostics can be performed by wire or wireless to reduce the need for in-plant service calls.