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Heat and Control Batch Fryer BF series

Using traditional low temperature cooking, the Heat and Control standard models Batch Fryer are rated for 180 and 360 finished lbs/hr of hard bite kettle style potato chips. Depending on your product characteristics, output can be more.

Complete combustion system is piped and wired, ready for connection to your natural gas line.

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  • Superior oil quality

    With no heat transfer tubes immersed in the oil, our unique under-pan fired design allows cooking with as little as 4" of oil depth. Low oil volume produces rapid oil turnover for the freshest chips with a long shelf life.

  • Oil level control

    Automatic oil level control continuously compensates for oil carried out of the fryer with finished chips.

  • Automatic slice stirring

    Optional Chip-Stirr® system stirs slices automatically during cooking and then directs the finished chips to the discharge/drain conveyor. Eliminating the costly, hazardous task of manual stirring, Chip-Stirr prevents slice clusters, allows one operator to monitor multiple fryers, and assures consistent chip quality from batch-to-batch.

  • Full PLC control

    For repeatable quality in each batch, a Programmable Logic Controller automatically controls potato feed, frying, stirring, finished chip unloading, and initiation of the next batch.