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Schouten Octabin Filler

The Schouten Octabin Filler is a complete system to automatically weigh, fill and stack Octabins. The Octabin Filler is controlled by a PLC.

Each elevator is split in two parts, one of 350 mm and one of 150 mm width. Both parts are used to fill the hopper. As soon as a preset weight in the hopper is reached, only the small part will continue to fill the hopper until the correct weight has been reached.

While the hoppers are being filled, the pallet with the empty octabins is lifted into the upper position. When both hoppers have been filled with the correct preset weight, the bottom of the hoppers open and the boxes are lowered.

(Click picture to watch video)

The Schouten Octabin Filler in operation

The operator assembles a pallet with octabins in the first station.

If the buffer station is empty the pallet will be moved in that position until the octabin can be filled. The forklift in the stacker will lift the pallet in the upper position.

The next pallet will be moved in the stacker and the top pallet will be lowered gently onto the bottom one and the forks will be removed from the pallet.