SV Agri Starch Recovery System

SV Agri, Starch Recovery System

SV Agri, Starch Recovery System

The potato starch produced by potato processing lines is an extremely valuable by-product. There is a strong demand for starch in food industries for chips, pellets, ethnic snacks, confectioneries, paper, and packaging materials. Starch is valued six times more than potatoes and is commonly used in snack foods, pellets, and ethnic snacks.

As potatoes are sliced, diced, or chipped, their cells release white potato starch, which is usually rinsed off with fresh water before going into fryers or other cooking processes. With the wash-down water, potato starch is carried through the effluent system and commonly drains. Before the starch enters the drain, it is ideal to have the right starch recovery system in place.

Key Benefits
  • Recovery of high value food grade Potato Starch
  • Starch Extraction from wastewater reduces Effluent Treatment Plant Load
  • Recycled water can be re-used
  • TSS removal above 95%
  • Reduce fresh water consumption on potato chips manufacturing by ~ 30%-40%

Product Possibilities
  • Potato Starch

Line Capacity
  • 250 kg/hr onwards potato chips Line or French Fries Line