tna conti-pro® DAL 3

tna conti-pro® DAL 3

tna conti-pro® DAL 3

Designed for processing small products, including moong dal and chana dal, the tna conti-pro DAL 3 is a continuous frying system with a difference. Incorporating a unique transport belt and frying pan, the system ensures quick, yet gentle handling and frying for excellent quality, while reducing product losses.

The tna conti-pro DAL 3 is the only fryer on the market capable of handling capacities of 800 kg/hr, 1,500 kg/hr, 2,750 kg/hr (1,800 lbs/hr, 3,300 lbs/hr, 6,000 lbs/hr).

  • Create the crispiest and crunchiest fried dal products at high capacities of up to 2,750 kg/hr (6,000 lbs/hr)
  • Surpass operational efficiencies with a purpose-built transport system suitable for small products, including chana dal and moong dal, while ensuring excellent product quality
  • Increase profitability by reducing product damage; achieve even frying results with a specially designed frying pan and transfer method
  • Enjoy long-term cost savings with a durable construction that meets the highest safety standards for a long lifecycle
  • Effortlessly achieve your OEE goals with an internal clean in place (CIP) system for ease of access and cleaning; no oil remains after draining the fryer
  • Promote wellness and sustainability with shorter oil turnover times and an efficient heat exchanger that helps reduce energy consumption

Standard features
  • Dosing belt
  • Product transport system
  • Frequency controlled drives
  • Special frying pan design
  • Automated hood lifting device
  • Fryer with thermal oil external heat exchanger
  • Frying oil circulation system
  • Continuous oil filtration through drum filter
  • CIP system
  • PLC with touch panel and Ethernet card
  • Oil tank
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)
Optional features
  • Defatting belt

Application: Atmospheric continuous frying of snacks
(Click picture to watch video)Florigo conti-pro DAL 3

Florigo conti-pro DAL 3

(Click to enlarge)tna conti-pro® DAL 3 specifications

tna conti-pro® DAL 3 specifications

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