Urschel - Model CC Slicer

Food processors rely on the Urschel Model CC (MCC) to produce precise, uniform slices, strips cuts, shreds, and granules at high production capabilities with excellent results.

Products processed on the Model CC include: potatoes for chips, shredded cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, lettuce, other vegetables/fruits, nut reductions for bakery ingredients, and pet food ingredients.

The Model CC features continuous operation for uninterrupted production and is designed for easy cleanup and maintenance.


  • With a range of different cuts, this potato chip slicer is also ideal for various other food products, such as cheese, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Offers over a dozen different types of cuts including flat slices, "V" slices, new Flat-V® shreds, new Flat-V® slices, crinkle cut potato slices, strip cuts, full shreds, "V" shreds, oval shreds, wide oval shreds, crescent shreds, wide crescent shreds, and grating options.
  • Available with 2, 5, or 10 HP (1.5, 3.7, or 7.5 kW) motor to fit your line.
  • Specially designed disposable knives are inexpensive to replace and do not require sharpening.
  • Accepts input products up to 4" (101.6 mm) in any dimension.
  • Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.
  • New MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) features 14 cutting stations that maximize slice engagement. This increase in cutting stations delivers much larger capacities versus the standard, fully-adjustable 8-station cutting head.
    This new slicing design concept does not incorporate shims or shoes and offers tool-free knife changeovers. Weighing in at only 35 lb (16 kg) with built-in lifting handles, the SL-14 is adeptly removed and replaced. Amplify your production with this new innovation from Urschel.
Model CC Series Head Assembly Aid

Urschel - Model CC Turntable

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

The Model CC turntable assists with head maintenance. Now available, the new Model CC turntable assists processors with a variety of tasks to save time and effort.

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Urschel-Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14

Urschel - Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

The Urschel MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) offers maximum cutting action and expedient knife changeovers for your potato chips production line.

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DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer

Urschel - Diversa Cut 2110 A Dicers

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

The DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer offers a turnkey approach to processors. Available in 3 different models: DiversaCut 2110A Standard Dicer, NEW DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge, and DiversaCut 2110A (LPI) Large Product Input.

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