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Vanmark Automatic Rock Remover

Vanmark Automatic Rock Remover

The Automatic Rock Remover integrates with our Hydrolift Destoner or Flume systems to effectively remove rocks and non-floating debris from the product line – minimizing equipment damage. Its rotating scoop wheel picks up non-floating debris from the transferring line and carries it to a discharge point.

Its simple yet effective stainless steel design ensures minimal maintenance and quick cleaning.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Vanmark’s Hydrolift Destoner or Flume systems

  • Removes non-floating debris and rocks with an innovative rotating scoop wheel that carries debris to the discharge point

  • Constant speed gear motor and self-resetting torque limiter for drive protection and safety.

  • Simple, sanitary design with external-mounted bearings allows for quick and thorough cleaning and maintenance

Vanmark Automatic Rock Remover Equipment Information