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Vanmark Flume Systems

Flume Systems transfer products in the early stages of processing, while also separating dirt and debris and gently washing products. Flumes are ideal for transferring over longer distances, in any direction or angle, based on your facility’s footprint and equipment layout.

It is customized to your operation through a number of available configurations, including open trough and closed models. The closed (pipe) model is available as a siphon or pump system. With its multiple functions, available options, and minimal maintenance – Flume Systems are the perfect, custom-fit product transferring solution for your potato and produce operation.

  • Transfer product over long, winding distances while separating dirt and debris and gently cleaning product

  • Tailored to your facility and equipment set-up

  • Customized to your application and transferring needs through the available open trough and closed (pipe) configurations

  • Siphon or pump product from infeed to exit

  • Optional debris removal accessories include: rock, dirt, sand traps, and skimming systems for buoyant debris

  • User-friendly operation, with minimal maintenance