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VTC 800 vertical wrapper (VFFS)

ULMA's new family of vertical machines has been devised with and for customers. The optimized work performance and new features of the machine help to obtain the best production rates with the highest quality container.

Main features of the machine

  • Hygienic design, prepared for harsh environments and demanding cleaning processes.
  • Very accessible machine with full visibility.
  • Possibility of changing format on one side: practical, safe, ergonomic and simple.
  • Control by 10" industrial PC touch screen: screen integrated features (production data, test screen, machine manuals, videos, driver download...).
  • Easy to use for the machine operator: simplified daily adjustments without tools.
  • Low maintenance costs: optimised designed to minimise maintenance costs and with full accessibility for any adjustment or maintenance task.

OEE optimization (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Commitment of >98% technical availability.

Machine designed to incorporate different technologies such as:

  • LDPE film welding system with constant heat + heat pipe.
  • Impulse welding system.
  • Ultrasonic welding system.
  • Double reel-holder with automatic reel change.