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Wyma Clean Wet Hopper

Wyma's Clean Wet Hopper receives and stores produce in water prior to packaging, eliminating the need for boxes/bins. Flumes or conveyors gently carry produce to the bunker.

The modular conveyor in the base of the bunker moves produce towards the outfeed elevator. Speed-controlled outfeed elevators carry produce to the next stage in your line.

This system is a great time-buffer allowing you to store produce for short periods of time to even your line flow into packaging.


  • Robust construction with durable stainless steel tanks.
  • Tanks equipped with modular conveyor to gently carry your produce forward.
  • Modular plastic conveyor and elevator for easy maintenance.
  • Speed controlled out-feed elevator.
  • Stainless steel out-feed elevator with modular plastic belt and cleats to remove produce from the bunker.
  • Automated control valves and integrated sensors for water level control.
  • External elevator and conveyor bearing for easy maintenance.
  • Platforms, walkways and frames can be provided around the bunkers to allow easy access for maintenance and produce inspection.
  • Quick removal internal panels to aid cleaning.
  • Stepped elevator angle to minimize roll-back and efficiently carry produce to the out-feed. This ensures produce through-put is maximized and produce damage minimised.
  • Speed controlled via a variable speed drive to allow out-feed rate to be optimized to conditions and pack-out rates.
  • Three access hatches for cleaning and maintenance.
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Wyma's Clean Wet Hopper gently receives produce in water.