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Royal Avebe awarded with a Gold medal for Sustainability efforts

Starch manufacturer Royal Avebe awarded with a Gold medal for its Sustainability efforts

August 03, 2023
Dutch Potato Starch cooperative Royal Avebe has been awarded a gold medal by Ecovadis, a global collaborative platform that helps companies assess sustainability performance throughout the supply chain.
Fresh potatoes

Revolutionizing the Potato Industry: Unleashing the Power of Biotechnology

August 03, 2023
The potato, a humble yet indispensable vegetable, holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. As one of the most widely consumed staple crops, it plays a vital role in global food security
early potato

Uzbekistan exported a record amount of potatoes to Kazakhstan

August 02, 2023
The export of early potatoes is not such a significant position in Uzbekistan’s fresh fruits and vegetables segment. However, the volume of deliveries of Uzbek potatoes to Kazakhstan in May-July this year reached a record high for at least the last two decades.
GRIMME publishes new marketplace

GRIMME launches new marketplace for its agricultural machinery

August 02, 2023
The family-owned company GRIMME from Damme (Germany) presents a completely redesigned digital marketplace for used, new and rental machines.
Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill is experimenting with using a sandblaster to help manage weeds.

Researchers looking into using sandblasters to kill weeds in potato fields

August 02, 2023
Scientists are running experiments at a Harrington, P.E.I., field to see if they can better manage weeds by using a sandblaster filled with crushed walnuts, corncobs and baking soda.
Growers are planning to set up a co-op to represent the Scottish seed potato industry

Idaho evaluating alternate method of dormancy testing for Seed Potatoes

August 01, 2023
University of Idaho doctoral student Lisa Tran’s dissertation has the potential to transform how Idaho’s seed potato certification authority does business.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
PepsiCo and Walmart Aim to Support Regenerative Agriculture Across More than 2 Million Acres of Farmland

PepsiCo and Walmart to Support Regenerative Agriculture

July 27, 2023
PepsiCo and Walmart today announced a 7-year collaboration to pursue USD 120 million worth of investments focused on supporting U.S. and Canadian farmers in their pursuit to improve soil health and water quality.
Close-up of greenbug aphid, Schizaphis graminum, showing the piercing-sucking mouthparts it uses to feed and inject virus into plants.

Novel Approach to Combatting Aphid-Transmitted Crop Viruses: Harnessing 'Spike Proteins' as Weapons

July 25, 2023
The infamous spike protein doesn’t just help spread viruses – it can also be weaponized to stop them.
UPGC Crop Update Report

2023 Potato Crop Canada, update per July 18 – Including Planted Acreage

July 24, 2023
Statistics Canada released their first estimate of potato acreage in Canadaas a result of data obtained from their survey of potato growers in Canada.
UM will host a new research chair in potato sustainability, which will advance the global potato industry in part through hands-on fieldwork.

Research Chair Potato Sustainability coming to University of Manitoba (UM) thanks to 19 industry partners

July 23, 2023
The potato is one of the most important food crops in the world, a staple in meals for more than a billion people worldwide, and University of Manitoba (UM) is leading the way globally in the future of potato production and processing.


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