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From left to right: Romain Cools, Secretary General of Belgapom, Maria Castillo Fernandez, head of the EU delegation to Malaysia and Daniel Dargent, ambassador to Malaysia for Belgium.

Belgian fries exports to Malaysia to double over next 3 years

September 28, 2017
Belgium, the world’s biggest potato exporter, hopes to ship in more frozen potato fries to Malaysia via its marketing campaign and collaboration with restaurateurs and fastfood operators here.
Gain report: Foodservice Malaysia

Gain report: Foodservice Malaysia

March 06, 2008
Malaysia is one of the more affluent nations in Asia with a GDP per-capita of about US$6,450 in 2006. Malaysia’s economy grew by 5.9%, compared to 4.2% growth in 2002. Most economic commentators forecast Malaysia’s economy to grow by about 5.7% in 2007...


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