Harvesting, prices and future plans: the potato situation in the regions of Russia
October 10, 2020
Since the start of autumn, potato producers in the regions of Russia have been facing many challenges, new and old. In the Russian Federation, the average annual volume of potatoes used for food purposes is estimated to be at 13-14 million tons, which makes potato one of the most important crops in Russia. In this article, we present information about the potato situation in various regions of Russia.
Nace la Interprofesional de la patata de Castilla y León
July 27, 2020
Después de un gran esfuerzo administrativo llevado a cabo durante el confinamiento, el sector productor de la patata de Castilla y León ha conseguido crear la Interprofesional de la patata, tras reunir los apoyos necesarios superando el 51% de la superficie regional.
Изменение дат Картофельной Индустрии 2020
April 16, 2020
16 July 2020 и 28-29 September 2020 'Potato industry 2020" will be held at FSBSI 'Russian research Institute of potato farming named after A. G. Lorch' and IEC 'Expocentre',pav.7.
Europatat Congress 2017 confirms new high level speakers!
April 20, 2017
The organizers of the Europatat 2017 Congress in Antwerp from 15 to 17 June announce the addition of a number of high level speakers to the programme
AHDB Potatoes appoints a new chair and five new board members
April 17, 2017
AHDB Potatoes has announced the appointment of a new chair and the addition of five new members to its board, replacing five members.
WatchITgrow: Belgium launches a country-wide geo-information system to strengthen the Potato (processing) industry
March 18, 2017
WatchITgrow is a new geo-information platform developed for the potato sector in Belgium with the purpose to better estimate and increase the potato yield in a sustainable way.
“Making the European Potato Trade great again! (it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be great, it’s true!)”
February 22, 2017
Under the provocative slogan 'Making the European Potato Trade great again! (it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be great, it’s true!)', the Europatat Congress 2017 will focus on two major current issues for the potato sector: plant health and trade.
Final countdown to make potato stores in the UK are CIPC compliant
February 13, 2017
Time is rapidly running out to make sure potato stores in the United Kingdom comply with new rules on using chlorpropham (CIPC), which require the sprout suppressant to be applied using “active recirculation” at new lower rates.
Fiona Fell to stand down as AHDB Potatoes Chair
January 03, 2017
After three years in office, Fiona Fell has announced she will stand down as an AHDB Board Member and Chair of the AHDB Potato Sector Board at the end of her term in office.
2016 GB potato production estimated down 5% at 5.22 million tonnes
November 27, 2016
AHDB Potatoes' first provisional estimate of total production in Great Britain for the 2016 crop year is 5.22 million tonnes, down 5% from 2015. Average yields for GB are estimated at just under 45 tonnes/ha, down 8% on last year.