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Taylor Grant, Leah Halverson and Bryan Jones: The Next Generation of Potato Farmers

Feeding America: Introducing the Next Generation Potato Farmers

September 16, 2023
A new generation of potato farmers uses cutting-edge instruments and methods to progress farms and preserve the soil for future generations all over the United States, often in unexpected areas.
The tray is not only compostable and recyclable but also oven-safe and microwaveable, said Rachel Atkinson-Leach.

New sustainable fiber tray for potatoes introduced

August 30, 2023
Tasteful Selections®, a specialty potato brand from RPE LLC, is introducing a new sustainable fiber tray with its Organic Sea Salt & Herb bite-size potatoes.
McGill University Professor Martina Stromvik and her team have created a potato super pangenome to identify genetic traits that can help produce the next super spud.

Mapping genetic variation of the potato: McGill researchers create super pangenome

August 29, 2023
Scientists have assembled the genome sequences of nearly 300 varieties of potatoes and its wild relatives to develop more nutritious, disease-free, and weather-proof crop.
Facility of GEM Equipment of Oregon Inc.

FPS Food Process Solutions Acquires GEM Equipment of Oregon as Part of Strategic Product Diversification

August 22, 2023
FPS Food Process Solutions, a global leader in freezing and cooling equipment, today announced it has acquired GEM Equipment of Oregon. This acquisition allows FPS to diversify its product offering to include GEM Equipment’s well-known fryers and blanchers.
Idahoan® Mashed Potatoes Seasoned with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®

Idahoan® Foods launches shredded potatoes with Bold flavors including Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®

August 16, 2023
Idahoan® Foods – the leading producer of quality, packaged potato products in the U.S.– expands its portfolio with the launch of Idahoan® Potato Shreds.
Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill is experimenting with using a sandblaster to help manage weeds.

Researchers looking into using sandblasters to kill weeds in potato fields

August 02, 2023
Scientists are running experiments at a Harrington, P.E.I., field to see if they can better manage weeds by using a sandblaster filled with crushed walnuts, corncobs and baking soda.
Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Marel
Growers are planning to set up a co-op to represent the Scottish seed potato industry

Idaho evaluating alternate method of dormancy testing for Seed Potatoes

August 01, 2023
University of Idaho doctoral student Lisa Tran’s dissertation has the potential to transform how Idaho’s seed potato certification authority does business.
Cheesey Poutine French Fries with Gravy and Cheese Curds

Where to Eat Canada's Most Iconic French Fries-Based Dish Poutine? A New Study Lists Top 10 Restaurants

August 01, 2023
Schwart's, Modavie, Aux Anciens Canadiens top the list of Canada's most popular restaurants serving Poutine. The study is based on customer reviews of these restaurants on TripAdvisor.
PPM Fully automated system

Processing Equipment Merger: Duravant Acquires PPM Technologies

July 28, 2023
Duravant LLC , a global engineered equipment and automation solutions provider to the food processing, packaging, and material handling sectors, has announced that it has acquired PPM Technologies from Stonehenge Partners.
PepsiCo and Walmart Aim to Support Regenerative Agriculture Across More than 2 Million Acres of Farmland

PepsiCo and Walmart to Support Regenerative Agriculture

July 27, 2023
PepsiCo and Walmart today announced a 7-year collaboration to pursue USD 120 million worth of investments focused on supporting U.S. and Canadian farmers in their pursuit to improve soil health and water quality.


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