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Summary of EUPPA Conference 2022

Summary of EUPPA Conference 2022

The European Potato Processors’ Association members and stakeholders gathered on 11 October in Brussels for the association’s conference.

The Conference main theme was 'EUPPA driving sustainability across the potato processing sector'. It was the first gathering of the kind since the Covid-19 outbreak. About sixty people took part in the conference among which representatives from the industry, academia and EU institutions.

The Conference kicked off with insights from EU policy-makers regarding the impact of the EU’s Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy on the sector. Lukas Visek (Cabinet Member of EVP Frans Timmermans) and MEP Tom Vandenkendelaere (EPP, Belgium) presented respectively the European Commission’s and Parliament’s perspectives on the topic.

The session was followed by presentations of EUPPA members concering some of their successful sustainability initiatives. McCain, Lamb Weston/Meijer, 11er, Schne-Frost and Agristo representatives took the floor to present one of their company’s flagship projects promoting sustainability.

The last part of the Conference was dedicated to the issue of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and sustainability labelling. Speakers of this conference part included Koen Boone (Wageningen University and Sustainability Consortium), Jorge Álava (Nestlé/FoodDrinkEurope) and Veerle Poppe (Colruyt Group).

Kees Meijer, President of EUPPA:
"It was fantastic to meet again in person here in Brussels and discuss with stakeholders the future of our sector. There are great challenges ahead but equal opportunities to seize. It is a pleasure to work together with the EUPPA Secretariat and membership to promote the voice of the industry."
Nuria Moreno, General Secretary at EUPPA:
"EUPPA will do its best in the coming months to contribute to the key topics impacting the sector as presented by the EU policy-makers at the EUPPA Conference 2022."
She also expressed appreciation of the sustainability initiatives showcased by EUPPA members stressing that there are many more sustainability examples from EUPPA members to read in the EUPPA’s first ever Sustainability Report.

Nuria Moreno:
"The discussion on PEF and sustainability labelling was informative and demonstrates the complexity of informing about the sustainability performance of our products. This policy area is still under development."
The next EUPPA Conference will take place in 2024. We look forward to it!