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Farm tool expanded to support farmers' impact on water quality

Farm tool expanded to optimise nitrogen use and evidence impact on water quality

October 11, 2022
With pressure mounting on farmers to measure and reduce their impact on water quality, Trinity AgTech has launched an enhanced module within their natural capital navigation tool, Sandy.
3D layout of the Scott Automation installation showing the buffer area where it accumulates the cases before palletisation.

Burts Snacks installs Multi-line Scott Automation palletization system

June 20, 2022
Premium Snacks manufacturer, Burts Snacks Ltd, have just completed one of their single largest investments, with the installation of a complete end of line pack handling
Splitting carbon costs down to subfield level

Omnia introduces tool to estimate carbon footprint of agricultural production

January 07, 2022
It’s clearly understood that improved farm productivity is good for business and more recently, for carbon footprint. But the challenge has always been how to measure the cost of producing a particular crop with regards to carbon.
Restrain CO2 Extractor at the British Potato Industry Event 2021 in Harrogate.

Restrain Carbon dioxide extractor for storages creates a buzz at potato event

December 22, 2021
With an innovation award under its belt and a new technical expert on the payroll, sprout inhibition developer Restrain was a popular participant at the 2021 British Potato Industry Event in Harrogate.
TOMRA Food to demonstrate standard-setting potato sorting machine at BP2021

TOMRA Food to demonstrate standard-setting potato sorting machine at BP2021

November 11, 2021
TOMRA Food, the leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines for the food industry, has announced that it will run machine demonstrations at BP2021, the UK-based potato industry event, later this month.
James Hutton Institute outlines 'Potato Innovation and Translation Hub' at Potatoes in Practice 2021

James Hutton Institute outlines plans for a 'Potato Innovation Hub' at Potatoes in Practice 2021

August 24, 2021
Recent advances in breeding technologies can be harnessed to fast track the breeding of new varieties. Sensors and drone technologies are driving integrated pest management solutions.
ZEISS - Leaderboard - 20230206
Max Tarneberg, International Product Manager for Meijer Potato

Meijer Potato installs Soil Scout sensors to monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity

June 03, 2021
In a first for Soil Scout in the United Kingdom, Soil Scout are delighted to announce that Meijer Potato have recently installed their sensors in various key locations around the country.
Crop4Sight Releases Innovative Irrigation Scheduling Tool

Crop4Sight adds irrigation scheduling tool to their potato crop toolkit

May 24, 2021
Crop4Sight’s online and mobile digital toolkit is designed to help growers maximise saleable potato yields and was launched as a commercial service in 2020. Crop4Sight now adds a potato irrigation scheduling tool.
NDC Technologies - Series 9 Food Gauge

On-Line and At-Line Near-Infrared Solutions Enable Snack Food Manufacturers to Control Degree of Bake, Moisture and Oil Simultaneously

May 13, 2021
NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, proudly offers the Series 9 online food gauge and InfraLab e-Series at-line analyzer to companies looking for accurate and reliable control of key constituents in the manufacturing process.
UK Potato Storage Specialist Crop Systems Limited sees growing business

UK Potato Storage Specialist Crop Systems Limited sees growing business

February 21, 2021
UK Potato Storage Specialist Crop Systems Limited is responding to major growth in its business with further investment at its factory and new appointments, including Tony Barnes as Sales Manager.


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