Potato brown rot bacteria found in Michigan greenhouse
April 27, 2020
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has confirmed the detection of Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2 (RSr3b2) in a single variety of geranium plants located in a Michigan greenhouse.
La Municipalidad Ortigueira de la provicia española A Coruña, pide a la Xunta poder plantar patatas tras el confinamiento
April 13, 2020
El Ayuntamiento de la Municipalidad Ortigueira de la provicia española A Coruña, ha solicitado a la Xunta que excluya al municipio como zona infestada por la plaga de la colza guatemalteca.
EAPR2020 postponed to fall
March 31, 2020
Due to a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 21st EAPR Triennial Conference has been moved to fall. The new Conference date is November 2-6, 2020. Therefore, all key dates have also changed.
'The Potato Crop' Receives Enthusiastic Reception: An Interview with Co-Editors
March 24, 2020
An interview with co-editors, Dr. Hugo Campos, Director of Research and Oscar Ortiz, CIP’s Deputy Director General of Research and Development at the International Potato Center.
El cultivo de la patata se afianza una vez controlada la plaga de la polilla
March 23, 2020
La indicación geográfica protegida ampliará en breve su territorio a toda la comunidad.
Large research project looks to combat major potato disease
March 23, 2020
More than $3 million is being invested in studying a major cause of potato yield reduction in Prince Edward Island and other spud-growing areas in Canada.
West-Bengal potato farmers make a killing as weather turns bad
March 13, 2020
As weather in West-Bengal, India turns unfavourable, output falls sharply and potato prices shoot up.
Potato plants at highest risk of potato virus Y infection during first three weeks
February 26, 2020
Potato virus Y is the most economically important and devastating aphid-transmitted virus, affecting both tuber yield and quality. The virus is also a major cause of seed potato degeneration, which leads to regular flushing out of seed potatoes.
World Potato Congress Webinar: Dr. Leah Tsror on Powdery Scab - Integrated Disease Management for Reducing the Risk
February 24, 2020
The World Potato Congress is extremely pleased to be offering its third webinar in 2020 featuring Dr. Leah Tsror.
PEI Potato Farms Using New Decision Support Tools to Improve Use of Crop Protectants
February 14, 2020
A growing number of Prince Edward Island potato farms are taking advantage of new technology to improve their use of crop protectants, including fungicides used to prevent late blight.


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