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Potato Washing Equipment

Potato washing equipment

Haith Group introduces high performance washer for root crops from stony soil
The new Haith Tri-Wash is a high-performance process washer for root vegetables, specifically designed for growers wanting increased efficiency where crops are lifted on soils with high stone contents.
Tummers handles potatoes during washing real gentle...
How potatoes are treated during the washing process is crucial for the fresh pack industry and particularly when it concerns small and fragile specialty products.
New Haith potato washing system meets demands of today's market
The new Haith system offers the end user a cost effective, robust, compact and reliable solution for potato processing intake lines.
APH Group Engineering delivers potato grading, cleaning & packing line in Belarus
APH Group Engineering delivered and installed a processing line for grading, washing, dry cleaning & packing of potatoes to Belarus.
Heat and Control offers new speed washer / blancher for potato slices
Heat and Control helps out potato chip manufacturers with limited space with this new compact speed washer for potato slices that doubles as a blancher.
Haith Group Multi-wash: a look inside the washer
The new Haith Multi-Wash System offers de-stoning-barrel washing and brush polishing all in one unit - and now also a split barrel, which allows the washing section to rotate in the opposite direction to the polishing rollers.
Failte modernise line with Herbert Barrel Washer
Fáilte Produce Ltd., one of Scotland’s leading specialist fresh produce companies have recently installed a new 3m barrel washer and drier to modernise their line and improve quality.
Tolsma-Grisnich introduces Intelligent Washing Technology
Maximal cleaning with a minimal amount of water. That is now possible with the new Drum Washer TGW from Tolsma-Grisnich.