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Harvesting potatoes in Malta (Courtesy: Malta Derby Potatoes)

Potato Industry of Malta continues decline

April 04, 2018
Over a decade, Potato Exports from Malta fell from 7,200 tonnes in 2004 crop to just 3,100 tonnes in 2014, a massive 56% drop.
Eerste aardappelen uit Malta.

Eerste Malta-aardappelen gearriveerd bij aardappelgroothandel Altena

March 18, 2011
De eerste truck met echte voorjaarsoogst Malta-aardappelen is vanmorgen per truck bij Aardappelgroothandel Altena in Wijk en Aalburg gearriveerd.

First Maltese potatoes arrive in Europe

March 12, 2010
This week the first Maltese potatoes arrived in Europe. The growing season in Malta this year has been exceptional. Because they were able to plant early, the harvest is three weeks earlier than last year. Above all the growers (cooperation) is very ha...


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