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Enigma research helps growers tackle wireworm damage

Enigma research helps potato growers tackle wireworm damage

October 31, 2023
The Fera-led R&D project, Enigma I, is reporting impressive results halfway through its investigation into sustainable wireworm control – a pest issue causing significant annual yield losses in root vegetable and salad crops.
GB Potatoes appoints Scott Walker as its new CEO.

Former NFU chief commits to give British potato industry a voice

October 05, 2023
Former Chief Executive of NFU Scotland, Scott Walker, has been appointed as the new part-time CEO for GB Potatoes.
B-hive Innovations collaborates on groundbreaking TuberTurgor project to reduce potato bruising and waste

B-hive Innovations collaborates on groundbreaking TuberTurgor project to reduce potato bruising and waste

August 22, 2023
B-hive Innovations, a cutting-edge, agri-tech research and development business is embarking on a new collaborative programme that aims to reduce the risk of potato bruising and develop technologies that could reduce supermarket waste.
Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to Debut at British Potato 2023

From ocean to potato fields: Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to make waves at British Potato Show

August 16, 2023
A biostimulant brand that is increasingly popular with potato growers will make its debut at this year’s British Potato show in Harrogate. Algifol, which is a seaweed-based biostimulant, will be on stand 123A in Hall 1 at the November event.
Flying frying in microgravity

That's a relief! European Space Agency (ESA) finds you can fry potatoes in space

June 13, 2023
European Space Agency (ESA) has been supporting research in frying cooking methods in microgravity to fill in knowledge gaps on Earth and in space. Frying potatoes in space seems to be possible!
Potatoes in the field

Scientists weed out harmful genes to breed better potatoes

May 22, 2023
A new predictive method has shown a way to better select parents for new potato varieties, offering a blueprint for better potatoes and a way to speed up the production of higher yield varieties.
Potato field rows with green bushes

Potato-LITE: Delivering novel, sustainable cultivation approaches to minimise tillage intensity throughout the UK

May 15, 2023
Defra and UKRI, as part of the Farming Innovation Programme, recently announced funding for 'Potato-LITE' – a multimillion pound project over four years
 B-hive Innovations Tuber Scan

Watch your potatoes grow... Not the plants, the tubers!

May 07, 2023
Ground-Sensing technology TuberScan - developed by Agri-tech business B-hive Innovations and partners - is entering its final phase of testing both overseas and now in the UK following the start of this year’s weather-delayed potato growing season.
Gareth inspecting the plots

FMC trials show great promise for future of weed control

March 29, 2023
With weed control a key challenge for farmers, and reduced sensitivity to some herbicides a continuing problem. New product trials by FMC have demonstrated that effective controls are on the horizon.
Dr. Alison Lees, Potato Pathologist, The James Hutton Institute

WPC Webinar with Dr. Alison Lees, Potato Pathologist, The James Hutton Institute, Feb 28, 2023 9:00am EST (Canada/USA)

February 27, 2023
The World Potato Congress presents a webinar with Dr. Alison Lees, Potato Pathologist with The James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK on February 28, 2023 at 9.00am Eastern Standard Time (EST).


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