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Agrana Staerke GmbH - Gmünd

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A Subsidiary of:

Agrana Stärke GmbH Gmünd

Agrana Stärke's Gmünd potato starch factory is located in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria, close to the border with the Czech Republic.

The Waldviertel region is Austria's principal potato-growing area.

The facility at Gmund is Austria's only potato starch factory.

A proportion of the annual potato starch output of nearly 48,000 tonnes (limited by EU quota) is sold as native starch, the larger proportion however is converted to modified starch (wet derivatives and drum-dried products).

The factory also has a saccharification plant used to make special maltodextrins.

In addition to its starch production and processing systems, the Gmünd potato starch factory also has a system for making shelf stable potato products (mainly mashed potato) as well as a baby food plant.
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Conrathstraße 7
3950 Gmünd
+43 2852 503-19420

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