Albert Bartlett and Sons

Albert Bartlett is Britain's leading grower and packer of potatoes. The company supplies over 20% of the fresh potatoes in the United Kingdom.

Albert Bartlett has 4 production sites across the UK which are based in Airdrie, Lincolnshire, Cornwall and Jersey.

In 2015, Albert Bartlett started the production of frozen french fries. In 2018, the company also added a range of chilled potato products.
Scotty Brand potatoes are grown by dedicated Scotty growers. For much of the year, Scotty Brand offers Kestrel potatoes.
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Perfect potatoes is a brand of bite-sized creamer potatoes grown in California, triple washed and dried – ready to heat and eat. No prep work, no guesswork – just perfectly cooked potatoes every time.
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Albert Bartlett and Sons
  • Airdrie Division New Monkland, 251 Stirling Road
    ML6 7SP
    United Kingdom