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Mito Ketchup Potato Chips

Ketchup Potato Chips

Mito is a brand of potato chips from Iraq.

B.E.P.P CO is a plant for food-industries which aims at making Iraq a manufacturer and exporter for potato products coordinating with the supporting companies such as Nahar Al-Awrad Company one of the most important companies in Iraq specialized in importing and growing potato seeds.

B.E.P.P CO sets up a foundation to produce the best sort of potato chips in Iraq, as well as a future plan for a number of production lines in the same field.

The company currently offers natural potato chip products with the following names (Mr.Krisper, Mito) and despite its recent development, the company has achieved a big success in the local markets by marketing its products throughout Iraq.

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The potato chips production line at B.E.P.P. Co

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