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Beirut Erbil Company for potato products the pioneer in the food industries in Iraq, As the leading producers of international quality snacks, Beirut Erbil company for potato products continues to enjoy a market leadership that is undisputed for many years.

Established in 2016 with modest beginnings, the company has diversified itself into an industrial house Beirut Erbil Company for potato products Food Industries continue to maintain its number one position in the market, on its own merits and some of their products are household names throughout the Iraqi market. 

B.E.P.P CO sets up a foundation to produce the best sort of potato chips in Iraq, as well as a future plan for a number of production lines in the same field.

(Click picture to watch video)Beirut Erbil Company for Potato Products

Beirut Erbil Company for Potato Products

The company currently offers natural potato chip products with the following names (Mr.Krisper, Mito, Wizzo and Snackystix ) and despite its recent development, the company has achieved a big success in the local markets by marketing its products throughout Iraq.

  • The market for snack foods in the Iraq Country is expected to expand offsetting the demand supply equilibrium.
  • Beirut Erbil company for potato products looks to the future with more innovative products and better customer satisfaction.
  • The customer has been and been and will remain so the focal point of our development and success.
  • The Group is committed to provide across-the-board products and services to a wide spectrum of consumers for many more years to come.


To serve their employees, their customers and their community.

To their employees, they will:
  • Operate a safe and clean workplace
  • Further develop a professional, enjoyable, and enthusiastic workplace
  • Effectively communicate
  • Recognize and reward employee efforts

To their customer, they will:
  • Provide safe, and healthy products
  • Provide the highest quality products with the fastest response in the industry
  • Create value and provide solutions
  • Be all ears for any complaint, review or recommendation

To their community, they will:
  • Respect the environment
  • Make available educational opportunities
  • Volunteer our resources in times of need
  • Provide employment

BEPPCO Product List

(Click to see more products of BEPPCO | PDF) BEPPCO Product List

BEPPCO Product List

  • Mito
  • Mr. Krisper
  • Wizzo
  • Snackystix

News for this Company

Digging of Potatoes as part of harvest process
January 31, 2024

Potato harvest has started in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate, Iraq, under the supervision of BEPPCO

The agricultural lands of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate, Iraq witnessed the commencement of the harvest season on January 2, 2024.
BEPPCO Both in 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition in Mosul, Iraq!
October 26, 2023

Beirut Erbil for Potato Products company participates in 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition in Mosul, Iraq!

In the presence of the Governor of Nineveh and the Turkish Consul, the second edition of 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition opened in Mosul.
During the opening of The First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk, Iraq
September 17, 2023

Potato Chip manufacturer BEPPCO participated in the First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk, Iraq

BEPPCO proudly presented their potato varieties and potato chips at the First Exhibition of Local Production in Dohuk Governorate's Aqra District. The event started on the evening of Sunday, September 3, 2023, under the supervision of Mr. Ali Tatar, the Governor of Dohuk.
BEPPCO Beirut Erbil Company for Potato Products
August 08, 2023

Beirut Erbil For Potato Products Company Becomes a Member of SNAC International

Beirut Erbil For Potato Products, a leading potato processing company based in Erbil , has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a member of SNAC International.