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Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

Feeding the world’s population through research in agricultural science

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is an award winning, “climate-smart” publisher in agricultural science and its work will help researchers in agricultural science address how to feed a growing population in the face of climate change and increasing competition for land, water and other resources.

With over 50 published titles and an extensive forward programme, our books cover the major crops and livestock types. This includes each step on the value chain for their production, from breeding through to harvest and the final product.

Our books are designed from extensive customer feedback and are edited and written by internationally renowned experts. Through our publications we will help researchers identify key issues and trends and find their way more quickly to the research most useful to them, allowing them to plan their own research programmes and link up to other research centres to collaborate more effectively.

With the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) predicting a potential 60% increase in the demand for food by 2050 as the population reaches 9 billion there are few greater scientific challenges!

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Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing
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